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“Leaders strive to develop a culture where students and staff feel safe and where all members take collective responsibility for student learning.”  Robert Marzano

Jordan School District's Multi-Tiered System of Support (MTSS) framework addresses both academic and behavioral needs of all students through a multi-tiered approach. The MTSS model includes Universal (Tier 1) supports provided to all students, Targeted (Tier 2) supports provided to remediate student success, and Intensive (Tier 3) individually-responsive supports.

JSD has formed a Behavioral and Emotional Support Team (BEST) to promote, implement, and support systemic, evidence-based behavioral and social/emotional wellness practices to maximize student achievement in an environment where learning can occur. BEST can support schools in the creation of a school wide behavior program, implementation of an anti-bullying or other pro-social program, and in writing and maintaining a school Code of Conduct.

BEST is pleased to announce "Mini PD's" its first service provided to all JSD schools. This resource includes a set of 10 self-guided video modules focused on de-escalation of student behavior.  Each module includes accompanying worksheets and resources and can be viewed individually or in group settings. The modules provide strategies for responding to behaviors in a manner that maximizes the probability of success.

Review the Mini PD's here!