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Jordan Behavior Assistance Team (JBAT)

Our Mission

The Jordan Behavior Assistance Team is dedicated to the safety and success of students in the Jordan School District.

Our mission is to partner with educators to create positive and safe learning conditions so students can access core content and engage in healthy social interactions in the least restrictive environment possible.

We work to accomplish this mission by:

  • Providing professional development in evidence-based behavioral practices to build the knowledge, skill, and capacity of JSD personnel so they can better serve students in their schools and classrooms.
  • Collaborating and consulting with school administration, student support teams, and teachers to develop and implement effective structures and practices that allow students to demonstrate meaningful growth in their educational environment.
  • Providing assistance on data-driven behavior plans for students who need individualized support to develop skills to fully benefit from their educational experience.

Our Services

Our Process

Steps of the JBAT Process

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