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Jordan Behavior Assistance Team (JBAT)

What We Do


In order to provide an appropriate education for every student, Jordan School District offers a wide range of services, program options, and curriculum alternatives to students whose education needs cannot be met in the regular classroom without specialized instruction.

Jordan Behavior Assistance Team (JBAT) works under the Special Education Department umbrella to support teachers with interventions designed to address behavioral and emotional concerns in the classroom. Each member of JBAT has been trained to implement these individualized interventions and empower students with tools and skills needed to succeed.

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Meet the Team

Behavior Specialists

Ben Washburn

Toni Lee

Stephanie Johnson

Behavior Technicians

Carson Field

Taylor Lynch

Maggie Fahey

LRBI (Least Restrictive Behavior Intervention) Mentors

Daveed Goodrich

Cassidy Hansen