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Please fill out the form below to begin collecting data before our team comes out to your school:

Baseline Data Collection for Teams

After it is determined that a BSA will be sent to the school, JBAT needs baseline data on the student (starting point) which is a minimum of 3 data points on the problem behavior before sending BSA support.

"Once the problem behavior has been clearly defined and baseline data are collected, the next step is to choose an appropriate intervention or change in method of instruction.”

-LRBI Manual

Example Baseline Data

Baseline data is important to ascertain so we know where our starting point is and can therefore determine if the behavior is increasing or decreasing. It is helpful to obtain pre- and post- intervention data. As the BSA will be implementing a behavior intervention, we need to be able to understand how the student's behavior changes once the implementation occurs. From the example below one can see that once the intervention started, the problem behavior decreased (arm slaps) and the replacement behavior (hands in pockets) increased.