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Printables for Parents

Link to all templates for parents:

TEMPLATE 1: Schedules, Routine & Daily Checklists

Start by picking a schedule that fits with your goals and style. Some are more visual while others are geared more toward list-making. You are always welcome to use your own- this is to help you get started on finding something that works for you!

TEMPLATE 2: Point Cards, Chart Moves + Reward Menus

After picking a schedule, pick a point card that you will be using for rewarding all the positive behavior you see. Sometimes kids are more motivated when their point card is a theme they enjoy. If you don’t see one they like, please email us!

TEMPLATE 3: Break Cards (Front and Back) + Break Ideas

Please use the break cards for when your child is frustrated and needs a moment to engage in a 5-minute calming activity. Included are some sensory, movement, and breathing exercises for your child to try during these breaks.

TEMPLATE 4: Help Cards (Front and Back)

Help cards are for your child to appropriately ask for help when they feel stuck on a problem or assignment. Instructions for asking for help should be placed on the back of the card.

TEMPLATE 5: Consequence

Please use the consequence template for the problem behavior that you have identified. You can label the activity that your child is losing time from at the top as a reminder.


Sometimes it is helpful for children to label their feelings so they know when they need help or a break. This is a great way to teach emotional regulation.