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Data Collection

Why is Data Important?

When using an intervention at any level, it is important to collect data. Data allow us to know not only if our intervention is working, but also the effect.

“Once the intervention is implemented, consistent data collection is needed to determine the effectiveness of the intervention and assess need for adjustment.”

-LRBI Manual

How do I Collect Data?

Data collection is an objective method of measurement that can be used to shape and guide professional judgment. It enables teachers to verify that their behavior management plans or instructional methods are producing the desired outcomes. It can also be used to identify and end the use of ineffective teaching practices based on current fads or ideologies rather than on evidence.

The ABC information can be used for data analysis:

ABC Observation Link

The point of doing an ABC analysis is to help determine the function of the behavior (the reason why) and then create a plan that helps the student attain the function in a positive, school-appropriate way.

When we come out to your school to assist with a student we will often sit and observe for some time and collect ABC data or ask you to share the data you have collected before consulting.

What do I Collect Data On?

We want to:

  • Determine which behaviors of concern are the most meaningful targets for change.
  • Clearly define the behavior for reliable progress monitoring.

Some methods used to identify the problem and replacement behaviors may also provide preliminary information on function.