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BIP Steps

Step 1. Develop a Competing Behavior Diagram

Use “The Competing Behavior Diagram” model to visually describe the results of your functional assessment.
Step 2. Develop Intervention Strategies

Function-based Interventions
Function-based Assessment
Step 3. Implement the Plan

Who should be trained on the BIP?

All members of the IEP team and staff directly involved with implementing the plan and collecting data
How do we let other staff (such as SRO, Cafeteria Aides, Library Assistants,and etc) know about the student’s Plan?

Use a BIP Snapshot: BIP Snapshot Link

A BIP Snapshot uses limited BIP information (need to know) for specific staff (e.g. hall monitor, resource officer, a specific lunch aide or recess aide) who daily interact with the student.
Step 4. Monitor

The BIP should be implemented with fidelity for a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks.

Fidelity means it should be the degree of exactness with which something is copied or reproduced.

Data must be collected on the following:
Problem Behavior(s)
Replacement Behavior(s)
Step 5. Adjust as Needed

What should you do if (after at least 2 weeks) the problem behavior is not improving?
The IEP team should meet to discuss the behaviors and data changes to the BIP should be made as needed.